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Payment Methods

You can make payments online using paypal

Pay using my PayPal.Me link

Cashapp is now accepted as payment


We do not accept Checks or electronic E checks!

We only accept cash money, Paypal, and all major debit and credit cards we have a card machine and Cash App as forms of payment.

When using our cleaning services you agree to our terms:

Upon arrival we do a walk through with customer and get directions and what is needed of the cleaning. Then we begin to clean, after every task is completed we will do a final walk through with customer to make sure we have cleaned everything that was expected of us, this allows us to go over anything missed if necessary to ensure customer satisfaction, avoid return visits of re- cleaning, false reviews and any false complaints.There is a 100% No Refund Policy. By contacting us and using our cleaning services you agree to the following:Here is why:We pay attention to detail, professionalism and a guarantee not to leave the premises until the owner is delighted with the job.1. Upon arrival the cleaners will do a walk through with customer for cleaning directions, rules, instructions and details before they start to clean to go over what’s needed.2. Cleaners begin to clean and upon completion, another walk through to will be done with customer to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction to Avoid later dissatisfaction, false reviews and false complaints.3. After the final walk through with customer, if the customer see any problems with cleaning our cleaners will go over the cleaning and redo any mistakes made until customer is happy.4. Once to customer is happy with the corrections made then they will pay the cleaner and the cleaner will leave the premises.5. This is done to ensure customer satisfaction to avoid the customer calling back requesting a refund and to avoid a return visit of re-cleaning. That’s why we do the final walk through.6. The customer agrees not to have any personal appointments on the day of cleaning that would require them to leave or disrupt and or end the cleaning process. We prefer the customer has a clear schedule on the day of cleaning. If you have an appointment that you must make we ask that you schedule your cleaning on a day where you have no appointments, you will be required to still pay the entire cleaning fee if you end the cleaning early.By contacting us and using our cleaners and cleaning services you agree to these reasonable rules and no refund policy.We also require the customer to never leave the premises while the cleaning is taking place. This helps avoid the chance of been scammed for non payment.In the event that the customer has to leave or will not be at the location at any time of arrival, during the cleaning, or for the final walk through we will require payment before we start any cleaning to avoid the possibility of not being paid once job is complete.We do not and never accept payment before the actual cleaning takes place for homes that are occupied unless the customer will not be present for any time of the cleaning process or of the home is empty. We believe in working hard and being honest. You only pay once you done the final walk through with cleaner and your happy, if in the event that you are there to oversee the cleaning. This helps avoid conflict and complaints. We and the customer agree to follow steps 1-5 stated above in this contract that you agree to when using our cleaning services. It’s the customer responsibility to be there upon arrival and upon cleaner departure. You agree to our terms when using our cleaning services.

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