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  • Every home and living place is unique. We work with our customers to give the best possible price based on the situation. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have regarding price, services, or our cleaning services. We love to answer your questions and want to help figure out the best price for you.

** We accept cash and paypal payment only
Sorry we do not accept checks or Echeck (electronic checks)**

** If your a pet owner please place animals in safe place while cleaning is in process we are not responsible for animals.**


1 Bedroom/All Bathrooms

Living Room/Kitchen (Includes Oven & Refrigerator Cleaning)

Dining Room Trash Removal


2 bedrooms / All Bathrooms

Living Room/ Kitchen (Includes Oven & Refrigerator Cleaning)

Dining Room/Trash Removal


3 Bedrooms/ All Bathrooms

Living Room/ Kitchen (Includes Oven & Refrigerator Cleaning)

Dining Room/ Trash Removal


4 Bedrooms / All bathrooms

Living Room / Kitchen (Includes Oven & Refrigerator Cleaning)

Family Room/ Dining Room/ Trash Removal


5 Bedrooms/ All Bathrooms

Living Room/ Dining Room

Family Room/ Trash Removal

Hallway Cleaning/ Office Room Cleaning

Kitchen (Includes Oven & Refrigerator Cleaning)

All Spots Clean provides house cleaning services you want and need. We provide a variety of house cleaning services including Standard Cleaning, Deep Cleaning and Move In/Move Out, as well as a variety of additional services to meet your every need.

**Now Servicing: The Metro Atlanta Area,Alpharetta,Acworth,Atlanta,Ansley Park,Airport, Austell, Ashford Park,Buckhead,Broadview-Morosgo Area,Brookhaven,Cheshire Bridge Road Area,Collier Road Area,Candler Park, Cobb County,College Park, Dunwoody,Decatur,Downtown,Dresden Drive,Druid Hills,Dekalb County,Douglasville,Emory University area,East Point, Fayetteville,Fulton County,Fairburn,Grant Park,Inman Park,Kennesaw, Lithia springs,Lenox Square,Lenox Park,Lenox Superblock area, Morningside,Marietta,Howell Mill Area,Historic Marietta,Midtown,North Druid Hills,North Buckhead, Newnan,Peachtree Battle Area, Phipps Plaza Area,Piedmont Hospital Area, Powder Springs,Riverdale,Roswell,Sandy Springs,Smyrna,Stone Mountain,Tuxedo Park, Union City,Virginia Highland,Vinings and Woodstock and more areas!!!

What We Clean:

*All Rooms*

Dust Window Sills, Ledges & Wall Hangings

Dust & Clean Furniture

Remove Cobwebs

Clean Light Switches

Clean TV Screens

Pick Up & Straighten

Vacuum Carpeting

Sweep & Mop floors

Empty Wastebaskets



Clean & Disinfect Toilets, Tubs & Showers

Clean Shower Door

Clean Sinks & Counters

Clean Mirrors & Polish Chrome

Sweep & Mop Floors

Change Towels (if left for us)

Wipe Exteriors of Cabinets

Trash Emptied

Oven Cleaning in Kitchen


Clean & Sanitize Sinks

Polish Chrome

Wipe Down Countertops & Cabinets

Clean Exterior of Appliances

Load Dishwasher (if empty)

Clean Inside Microwave

Sweep & Mop Floors

Mini Blinds Dusted

Wash/Dust Table & Chairs and Refrigerator Exterior

Small Appliances Cleaned

Dishwasher Front Cleaned

Trash Emptied

Inside & Out Sinks Cleaned

Stove Top / Oven Cleaning

*Deep Cleaning Service*

When you choose our deep cleaning service, you get everything included in the standard service and more. Our deep cleaning option also includes:

Dust Ceiling Fans

Dust Mini-Blinds

Dust Baseboards

Clean Glass Patio Door

Sweep Entry to your home


*Move-In/Move-Out Service*

We understand that moving can be hectic and challenging. For this reason, we offer the Move In/Move Out cleaning option to take one big chore off your personal list of things to do. This service is ideal for realtors or homeowners who are looking to sell or lease a home.

We will take care of all these tasks:

Dust Window Sills, Ledges & Wall Hangings

Remove Cobwebs

Clean Light Switches

Vacuum Carpeting

Sweep & Mop floors

Remove leftover debris

Clean & Disinfect Toilets, Tubs & Showers

Clean & Sanitize Sinks & Counters

Clean Mirrors & Polish Chrome

Clean & Sanitize Sinks

Wipe Down Cabinets

Clean Exterior of Appliances

Clean Inside Microwave

Deep Clean Oven & Stove (in/out)

Deep Clean Refrigerator (in/out)

Clean All Cabinets & Pantry (in/out)

Dust Ceiling Fans

Dust Mini Blinds

Dust Baseboards


– Wash clothes or laundry
-Exterior windows ( But we do know a exterior window cleaning company that we can refer.)
-Carpet Stain rempval (We only vacuum carpet.)
-Animal waste or feces or urine
-Mold removal
-Industrial cleaning
-Human Feces or urine
-Medical Distress Situations

Customer Contract


Refund Policy Contract

Upon arrival we do a walk through with customer and get directions and what is needed of the cleaning. Then we begin to clean, after every task is completed we will do a final walk through with customer to make sure we have cleaned everything that was expected of us, this allows us to go over anything missed if necessary to ensure customer satisfaction, avoid return visits of re- cleaning, false reviews and any false complaints.

There is a 100% No Refund Policy

By contacting us and using our cleaning services you agree to the following:

Here is why:

We pay attention to detail, professionalism and a guarantee not to leave the premises until the owner is delighted with the job.

1. Upon arrival the cleaners will do a walk through with customer for cleaning directions, rules, instructions and details before they start to clean to go over what’s needed.

2. Cleaners begin to clean and upon completion, another walk through to will be done with customer to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction to Avoid later dissatisfaction, false reviews and false complaints.

3. After the final walk through with customer, if the customer see any problems with cleaning our cleaners will go over the cleaning and redo any mistakes made until customer is happy.

4. Once to customer is happy with the corrections made then they will pay the cleaner and the cleaner will leave the premises.

5. This is done to ensure customer satisfaction to avoid the customer calling back requesting a refund and to avoid a return visit of re-cleaning. That’s why we do the final walk through.

6. The customer agrees not to have any personal appointments on the day of cleaning that would require them to leave or disrupt and or end the cleaning process. We prefer the customer has a clear schedule on the day of cleaning. If you have an appointment that you must make we ask that you schedule your cleaning on a day where you have no appointments, you will be required to still pay the entire cleaning fee if you end the cleaning early.

By contacting us and using our cleaners and cleaning services you agree to these reasonable rules and no refund policy.

We also require the customer to never leave the premises while the cleaning is taking place. This helps avoid the chance of been scammed for non payment.

In the event that the customer has to leave or will not be at the location at any time of arrival, during the cleaning, or for the final walk through we will require payment before we start any cleaning to avoid the possibility of not being paid once job is complete.

We do not and never accept payment before the actual cleaning takes place ever unless the customer will not be present for any time of the cleaning process. We believe in working hard and being honest. You only pay once you done the final walk through with cleaner and your happy in the event that you are there to over see the cleaning.

We would never require you to pay for any cleaning service if your not happy. This helps avoid conflict and complaints. That’s why we follow steps 1-5 stated above in this contract that you agree to when using our cleaning services.

All Spots Clean

The Following Cleaning Service Are provided:
🔷Move In Or Move Out Cleaning
🔶Apartment Cleaning
🔺Studio Cleaning
🔵Condo Cleaning
🔴Bathroom Cleaning
🔶Kitchen Cleaning
🔷Vacation Rental Cleaning
🔺Bungalow or Duplex Cleaning
🔵House Cleaning
🔴TownHouse Cleaning
🔷Business Office Cleaning
🔵Janitorial Or Custodian Cleaning
🔷Remodeling Or Real Estate Open House Cleaning
🔶Last Minute Cleaning
🔺Summer Cleaning
🔴Commercial Cleaning
🔵Restuarant Cleaning
🔴Commercial Restroom Cleaning
🔶Fall cleaning Spring cleaning
🔷Window Cleaning
🔺Refridgerator, Microwave, Oven Cleaning and baseboard cleaning upon request.

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